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PACT (Parents’ Association of Children with Tumours and Leukaemia) was founded in 1977 - with a donation of £113 - when eight parents created a support group for families whose children had cancer. PACT started raising funds for a Christmas party and a summer trip for the children. The charity expanded its remit to include children with leukaemia in 1978 and, as funds were secured, services grew to include new ideas like the provision of equipment and facilities for families. In 1977 a child with cancer had a 55% chance of being alive 10 years after diagnosis. Today that has improved to more than 75%. However the cost of this is often prolonged and intensive treatment and sadly this is not always successful. Over the last 30 years PACT has continued to raise money to help support the families, and increasingly to support the ward and clinic at the hospital, as well as contributing in an ever-increasing way to the research. If you want to make a donation to PACT then you can do that through the JustGiving website.